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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

jefferiestubes8 wrote:
GNDN wrote:
I'm sure they wouldn't bother, but seeing as the model work was also shot originally on film, the option exists to re-composite certain VFX shots as well
I'm sure for consistency of TNG-Remastered for 7 seasons they would do all exterior ship visual effects with CGI Ent-D.
Also it would be less of a hassle to find visual effects work that didn't include actors.
I was going to suggest this too, if they are going to do SOME FX, whether or not the 35mm negatives exists, they will want to make it coherent...the same way they changed the music and titles for all episodes of the TOS-R remasttering.
Wasn't suggesting it was feasible or realistic, only that seeing shots of the 6 footer in HD skillfully composited could be gorgeous.

Which leaves the question of what to do with the original FX. TOS-HD is perfectly watchable with old or new FX.

The "Trials and Tribble-ations" upscaled HD version shows the abysmal state of what original TNG FX could look like if merely ported to HD as is. Here is a case much stronger than that of TOS-R for the necessity of updating the FX, since they are actually locked in at such a low resolution.

There are presently 2 ways to cope with this. CGI recreation, which may or may not be cheaper, but adds more value to rereleasing the show with "new, improved FX!" or re-compositing the filmed elements of the original FX in a format suitable for HD presentation. Given that the likelihood of CGI is 99.999999999999%, including the original FX in HD will either betray a marked drop in quality, or be virtually unwatchable unless techniques significantly improve from the T&TA release.

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