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Re: What new FX/editing do you want to see in the STNG-R?

Art Vandelay wrote: View Post
I wish they'd redo all the spaceship exterior shots using the original film elements instead of going CGI. Models provide the shots with a certain gravity and scale that just wasn't there with the TOS-R all-CGI Enterprise. However, I am 99.9% sure that this will remain wishful thinking.
100% agree!! 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999% certain they'll be no such thing

That said, my hazy memory of the D from TATV was pretty good.

Art Vandelay wrote: View Post
- A few more fly-by perspectives of the Enterprise.

- More realistic planets.

- Replacing the Excelsior-class ship with different vessels in that oft-repeated fly-alongside shot.

- New beam-in shots of planet surfaces. Should give the illusion that the surface of Vagra II (Skin of Evil) is no soundstage.

- New planetary establishing shots. They repeated the Angel One cityscape far too often (later even in DS9 and Voyager.)
Agree with all these. Love the Excelsior shot, but c'mon. Also the perfunctory profile flyby used for tractor beam shots in early seasons.

Armus, of course looks pretty bad, but I don't know if a marked improvement will be seen on whatever schedule/budget they get.

RAMA wrote: View Post
Some of my thoughts, first season to start with:

1. Encounter at Farpoint: I don't think we'll see a lot of deviation here, the FX were remarkable for 1987. The alien jelly fish will likely get a makeover.

2. Naked now: Some of the proportions between the Tsiolkovsky and Enterprise seem off. The star material could be made to look somewhat less like an asteroid.

4. The Last Outpost: Don't like the shot of the Enterprise when in orbital relation to another spacecraft. I think that angle has to change. Love the shot of the Ferengi starship when it turns, I think this needs preserving. If at all possible, and it wasn't on TOS-R, they could enhance the planet atmosphere FX.

5. WNOHGB: Don't see anything that needs changing in this one, it would be interesting to see if they can make the FX look close to the original.

8. The Battle: New Stargazer!!! Always hated the kitbash. Also, ship proportions are way off in the episode.

9. Big Goodbye: Maybe a peek at the Jarada?? Please?
Mostly agree. WNOHGB will be a stylistic challenge. A la The Immunity Syndrome, something that was otherworldly and strangely beautiful can become very cartoonish on a tight schedule.

The Stargazer?!? Sorry, if we gotta see it in the ready room for 7 years, I'd say it's pretty established. I know no one ever walks over to it and says "My, this is a wonderful model of the Stargazer, Jean-Luc", but that design is way too established. Random Mirandas? Go nuts, replace 'em with something else here and there...

Unless you're suggesting we go back to the original audio track and make the Stargazer a Connie Ok, yeah, I'd look to see that ship perform the Picard Maneuver

Could use improvement:

-Enemy Ship in "The Survivors" - always looked cheap

-Phaser from the photon tube in "Darmok"?

-"Conundrum" model re-use from "Justice"

-"BOBW" of course, duh

-"AGT" is great, but I never bought the scale of that spider-like spacedock

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