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Re: What new FX/editing do you want to see in the STNG-R?

I wish they'd redo all the spaceship exterior shots using the original film elements instead of going CGI. Models provide the shots with a certain gravity and scale that just wasn't there with the TOS-R all-CGI Enterprise. However, I am 99.9% sure that this will remain wishful thinking.

So, I guess my wish is that they leave the shots the way they are, just make them better looking. Some things that definitely need to be redone are:

- A few more fly-by perspectives of the Enterprise.

- More realistic planets.

- Replacing the Excelsior-class ship with different vessels in that oft-repeated fly-alongside shot.

- New beam-in shots of planet surfaces. Should give the illusion that the surface of Vagra II (Skin of Evil) is no soundstage.

- New planetary establishing shots. They repeated the Angel One cityscape far too often (later even in DS9 and Voyager.)
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