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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Yeah, he has pace and power, but against Bristol he too often went nowhere and we seemed to rely on him as our only winger too much. Given that he's probably not on big wages anymore I don't have a major problem with him as a squad player, but I wouldn't want us building a team around him!
His performance against Bristol City was a bit clueless. He had some joy in the first few minutes which helped set up Robinson for his early chance, but after that their RB had him sussed. No right foot so always went on the outside - their RB read that every time Pearson took him on, which mean't that every subsequent time Pearson tried it he either lost the ball or ran it out of play. There was no plan B.

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At just 28 years old Ben Foster has quit ENGLAND to help him boost his club career your 28 you fucking idiot. What a joke, he means I don't want to be number 2 and fight for number 1 spot, it should be given to me cause I played several times for Man Utd *picks up dummy*

Better keppers than him like Tim Flowers, Nigel Martyn and hell Ray Clemmings who spent large parts of there international spells as number 2's never threw their dummies out of the pram...God I missed when footballs had actual pro's in the games.
Foster's not a great keeper so this really doesn't bother me at all. Hart's number one and Carson will do as number two.
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