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FX/editing wishlist/technical/related discussion for STNG-R

I'm sure most of the shots will be similar, like TOS-R, but they'll probably have a wider selection of angles of the Enteprise and even the occasional new FX for something that didn'twork or wasn't added at all. Some of my thoughts, first season to start with:

1. Encounter at Farpoint: I don't think we'll see a lot of deviation here, the FX were remarkable for 1987. The alien jelly fish will likely get a makeover.

2. Naked now: Some of the proportions between the Tsiolkovsky and Enterprise seem off. The star material could be made to look somewhat less like an asteroid.

4. The Last Outpost: Don't like the shot of the Enterprise when in orbital relation to another spacecraft. I think that angle has to change. Love the shot of the Ferengi starship when it turns, I think this needs preserving. If at all possible, and it wasn't on TOS-R, they could enhance the planet atmosphere FX.

5. WNOHGB: Don't see anything that needs changing in this one, it would be interesting to see if they can make the FX look close to the original.

8. The Battle: New Stargazer!!! Always hated the kitbash. Also, ship proportions are way off in the episode.

9. Big Goodbye: Maybe a peek at the Jarada?? Please?

More later..
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