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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2011 (Düsseldorf, Germany)

The 1st Semi was not bad at all, though I have to say that there was many songs that where not my personal favorites.
Some very big surprises in the end results.
Turkey and Armenia where out from the final. Surprising, but I think it will do good for both to sit on the sidelines for a moment.
(Turkey performed well, but Armenias vocals where quite bad)
I was very sad that Norway did not make it to the final

Here is short review of the songs that made it to the Grand Finale:

Serbia: One of my favorites.
Very positive song, with lots of nice 1960s retro vibes.
Nina performed well and her vocals where great.
Lithuania: This going to the finale surprised many. It was joked that her cleavage was the reason, but while I agree that the she has, IMHO it was her nice vocals and beautiful overall performance that got this to the final.
Greece: I dont like this so much, the rap-parts are bad..but at least it sounded Greek enough.
Azerbaijan: One of the favorites for winning, this one. I am not sure what to think about this one, its a fine pop-song but it is also somewhat cheesy.
Georgia: This was the another rock-song in the semi and it seems people like this more than Turkeys.
Hungary: Second of my favorites. One of the best songs in the contest and the performance was very good. This is one of the favorites for winning the whole contest.
Switzerland: Nice song with sweet performer.
Finland: I am from Finland, so naturally happy that this made it to the final, not without merit however. Strong vocals, nice song with a message.
Russia : Meh...I have to say that I do notreally like this one..and I find the singer somehow annoying. Will compete with Sweden from points.
Iceland: More and more ppl seem to like this, for me it is way too dull. I agree it is well performed..but thats about it.

The stage looked great from TV..and the audience gave applause to everyone, more to some naturally.
The German hosts where quite bad..with stupid jokes.
Is it soooo difficult to find some good hosts for ESC,
I mean in the USA they usually have good ones in the Oscars and other galas..why cant we have some good ones on ESC
I am not saying that there cant be humour, if its good.

The second semi final will be tomorrow, on the 12th
Very difficult to say who will go to finals, especially after yesterday
Here is still a list of all the songs of the 2nd semi with my short reviews with numbers (from the scale 1-5), my personal favorites in bold( based mostly on music videos, naturally):

1. Bosnia - Herzegovina 5/5
2. Austria 3/5
3. Netherlands 3/5
4. Belgium 3/5
5. Slovakia 4/5
6. Ukraine 4/5
7. Moldova 1/5
8. Sweden 3/5
9. Cyprus 2/5
10. Bulgaria 4/5
11. Macedonia 3/5
12. Israel 4/5
13. Slovenia 5/5
14. Romania 3/5
15. Estonia 3/5
16. Belarus 5/5
17. Latvia 3/5
18. Denmark 4/5
19. Ireland 3/5
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