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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I'm sure they wouldn't bother, but seeing as the model work was also shot originally on film, the option exists to re-composite certain VFX shots as well (as demonstrated by the Big-E's beauty pass in Generations.) Would love to see more shots of the 6' model rendered properly!!!
Same here. And if this project goes off full steam, I have some concerns. Certain TNG FX shots, like the ones in WNOHGB, were works of art I'd hate to see lost. They'd need to be lovingly recreated.

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Remastered TNG is going to sell bucketloads on any format. I didn't get TOS-R; I never completely got into 60's Trek, but I would buy TNG Bluray in a heartbeat.

I'm hoping that if it does happen, we'll eventually get HD upscales of DS9 and Voyager, not complete remastering because they probably don't need it.
Yopu know there are new editing technologies come out left and right, there may be ways to simply this whole process, and even if not, I am sure STNG-R will make back its cost for CBS.
I'd think so too. I did get into TOS, the shows, the films, comics, but TNG is the big dog in terms of mass appeal. It would be shown a lot on HDTV. The discs will sell. I imagine since the Trek DVD's have been so expensive a TNG-R will be the priciest blu-ray out there.
Hell its still getting good ratings and shown all over the place, imagine the appeal of a new "look" new FX update? It'll almsot seem like a new show to people.
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