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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

Throughout this thread and throughout the whole debate on remastering TNG, DS9 and VOY, econmic feasibility has always been a major concern.

Of course it has to be. However, in the end, the proprietors of the Star Trek series must have an intrinsic interest in the remastering of this product. These series have the potential to be popular, much watched and loved for decades to come, if one takes into account all the people alive today who grew up with the stuff. However, given the ever advancing technical quality of film, the old series will eventually become unwatchable as they will look increasingly ugly and obsolete.

Therefore, remastering TNG, DS9 and VOY is a sensible long term investement. They just need to organise it well, which I believe is exactly what they have been trying to do. Of course it will be costly. But if they master it on 35mm this time, they will get many subsequent releases out of this. Thus, as the decades go by they will reap the dividends. Star Trek has done this so many times over the course of its history. Surely, we haven't seen the end of it yet?
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