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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

It's not like there's some overarching master plan here, even when we don't have the kind of editorial shuffle we've had over the past few years. Most of the ideas originate with the novelists. Sometimes one author will introduce something into the mix that future authors may pick up on if they so desire, but sometimes later authors will have different ideas and choose not to pick up on those things. In this case, it just so happened that the author of the next TNG novel after Paths of Disharmony had his own plans for a Geordi romance that required cutting the thing with Tamala Harstad short. If that hadn't been the case, that relationship might've gone on longer. It's just the luck of the draw.[/QUOTE]

An thats the problem to me no clear path , you get introduced to a new person and the next writer decided to write them out. it makes it hard to get any new favorites becasue you have to worry about a nother writer coming in and undoing it.. To be honest she seem liked the predictable choice. Like you said it left up tothe writer so next book or two she chould be gone again..gets kind of annoying
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