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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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Theoretically, it would be possible to return to the original raw film and redo all the visual effects at higher resolution, but such a step would be the equivalent of putting the show through the complete postproduction process again. It will be much less expensive to wait for enhancement technology to be developed so the final video versions of Deep Space Nine episodes can be reprocessed rather than being remade.
I think they'll be waiting a while. As good as upscaling might be, you're still inventing pixels that aren't there, and from already soft VT to start with. It won't look anything like as good as genuine high definition productions.

Obviously rescanning and re-editing the episodes from scratch might be prohibitively expensive, but if we just get Encounter At Farpoint scaled up with some CGI, I don't think I'll be too impressed.
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