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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I surely hope they'll hire someone else to do it. Okudas, no matter how much I respect their work, took way too much liberty with original Star Trek. Turning black-on-white clock display into yellow-on-black for no good reason (totally oblivious to the fact black on white is inherently easier to read and thus much more probable to be used in a professional environment)? Making stars tiny, almost invisible in standard definition? Recoloring all the pretty planets for the sake of "realism"? TNG doesn't need no such tampering, does it?
And here I always thought the general consensus was that the Okudas treated TOS with an incredible amount of respect. They only touched up things that would have been done better had the technical means and the budget been available in the late 60s. Also, I have no idea what that clock is you're talking about, and there were certainly bigger things that were changed that one might complain about. (Like retconning a Vanguard-type station into The Ultimate Computer, which I thought was a very nice touch.)

As for the tiny stars I can only say: Then don't watch TOS-R in standard definition!

Finally, please take a look at the "pretty" planets on early TNG. On big screens you can see they are really bad 80s CGI, you can even tell how they were created:

a) Create a flat picture of the planet's surface.
b) Blow the picture up to 500%.
c) Blur. (So those huge pixels kinda meld into each other, but not really.)
d) Wrap around a spherical shape.

Just horrible.
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