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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

So will I! Cardiff are quite clearly bottlers at the best of times and they prove it with every big game they play. I'd rather lose the semi-final this year though, at least save me the outrageous Wembley prices. Losing to Swansea there would be too much as well - I can only take so much (we do owe them a 'Cup' defeat though).

I would say one thing though - we're still 'in-form' really - 1 defeat in 10, it's only the Boro game we were really poor. We and Reading are a decent match - they lost at home to Sheffield, remember - and I'm glad we've got them instead of Forest.

(brilliantly, someone has amended CCFC's Wikipedia page to state they've made the play-offs this season, but will definitely be in the Championship next season as they're the biggest chokers in all sport)!

Will Forest fans settle for just not getting humilitated?
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