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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 3: School Changes
Part 1

A minute after Sandi had wished herself to the end of recess; Jennifer Burns (a junior) found it and picked it up. “What is this?” She asked, in her soft and relaxed voice. She absentmindedly rubbed it. Jean then appeared. “Eep!”

“Your wishes are my commands,” Jean said.

“So, you’re the genie that they are saying that Sandi found?” Jennifer asked.

“I am,” Jean said.

“Ok,” Jennifer said.

Jean and Jennifer approached the library and met with one of Jennifer’s sophomore friends, Kristen Leung-Bell.

“Is that Jean?” Kristen asked. ‘How did she get away from Sandi? She has to be around here somewhere,’ she thought.

“Yes. I found the emerald,” Jennifer said.

“Is it the genuine article?” Kristen asked, sceptically

“Yes. Jean appeared when I rubbed it,” Jennifer said.

“That may be just a coincidence,” Kristen said.

“Ok, I wish that the school buildings would shake for 12 seconds,” Jennifer said, hoping that not too much damage would be caused by such shaking...

Elias was sitting against the Science Block, eating his packed recess when the building started vibrating. ‘This is definitely unusual,’ he thought. He decided to look for Jean. ‘What are you up to now, Sandi?” he mused. He hoped that Sandi wasn’t going to experiment with trying to change the fabric of reality...

Chipmunk and Anna were in the Science Block. “Why are we going up there a second time?” Chip asked as they started going up the stairs to the second floor.

“We haven’t explored all of it,” Anna said. Then the buildings started shaking. Chip slipped and fell down a few steps, landing on her buttocks.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed. “Just what Lawndale needs; an earthquake!” She said, with sharp sarcasm.

“Are you ok?” Anna asked. ‘She looks ok, but one cannot be too careful, she thought.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Good thing I didn’t break a leg. I would have been out of action for at least two months,” Chip said.

“Good,” Anna said. ‘She is so focused on her track career, isn’t she?” she thought. “Let’s go,” she continued, when the buildings stopped shaking.

“No, we need to go back down and see if people need help as a result of this earthquake,” Chip said.

“Good point,” Anna said.

“See, Kristen, the buildings were vibrating,” Jennifer said, a few moments after the buildings had stopped vibrating.

“Ok, that is the emerald. But where is Sandi?” Kristen asked. “She had it in Business Studies.”

“I don’t know. It was just on the ground,” Jennifer said. ‘I am sure that she had just lost it,’ she thought.

“Sandi thought that if she wished herself to the end of recess that the emerald would also time-warp forwards,” Jean said.

“So she is time warping forwards?” Jennifer asked.

Jane, having seen Jean with them, walked up. “So, here is the genie, but where is Sandi?” she asked.

“Time-warping through recess, apparently,” Kristen said.

“Interesting,” Jane said.

“Can I make a wish?” Kristen asked, wondering how powerful the genie/emerald combination was.

“Sure,” Jennifer said, handing her the emerald.

‘What is she doing?’ Jane wondered.

“I wish for zero gravity to be in the school’s buildings for the next minute and a half,” Kristen said.

“No!” Jane said. Whilst Daria had told her about Ms Li being knocked out she didn’t want to take any chances.

Jean granted the wish.

“No gravity! This is bad!” Elias said as he floated off the floor of the corridor in the Arts/Music/Home Economics Block in mid-stride. He started breast-stroking through the air, towards the corridor into the HSIE block. ‘Much more difficult doing this in air rather than water,’ he thought. He started launching himself off the walls to give himself more speed. ‘I hope this is quick enough!’

The slumbering Ms Li slowly rose above the floor as her breathing gave her a push away from the now non-gravitationally attractive floor.

Kevin Thompson and his girlfriend Brittany Taylor were ‘making out’ in the library when the gravity vanished. Brittany noticed the lack of gravity. She broke away from Kevin, “Kevvy, something’s wrong!” she said.

“What’s wrong, Babe?” Kevin asked, practically clueless (a tautology when it comes to Kevin).

“There’s, like, no gravity or something, we’re floating!” Brittany said, with a squeak.

“Oh! Kevin said, finally noticing.

“I bet it has something to do with that Genie from yesterday,” Brittany said, twirling the end of one of her pig-tails around her finger.

“What from yesterday, Babe?” Kevin asked.

“The Genie. You did hear the rumours, didn’t you, Kevvy?” Brittany asked. ‘I am sure that he heard about it. Even if he didn’t understand right away,’ she thought.

“Um, sure,” the unsure Kevin said.

The librarian then approached the Quarterback and Cheerleader couple (having moved around via grabbing the bookshelves [as a result they were slowly spinning]). “You need to leave the library,”

“But, how?” Brittany asked.

“Climb along the shelves and then launch yourselves out the door,” the librarian said.

“Are you sure?” Kevin asked.

“Yes,” Michaela said.

“Sure,” Brittany said. She immediately began moving. She was quite agile in the zero-g environment and was soon on her way.

Kevin, however, was a completely different story. He flailed about, sending books floating all over the place. The librarian had to grab him and drag him out from between the shelves. “Sandi and Jean have gone far enough,” she was muttering.

Brittany reached the door and turned around. She waited for Kevin and the librarian to clear the area of the shelves.

Ted floated out a door and fell down. “Ow!” he said. He got up and then ran back through the door, from a standing start. “Aaaggggggggh,”

“Quinn? How do you think this could hap-pen?” Tiffany asked.

“I’m uncertain, Daria or Elias may know,” Quinn said.

“Ted! Wa-atch out,” Tiffany cried out. Ted collided with Tiffany.

“Ow!” Tiffany said. Ted quickly removed himself from contact with Tiffany.

Elias then entered the area where they were.

“Do you know how the genie could be causing this, weightlessness?” Quinn asked.

“Haven’t a clue,” Elias said. ‘The anti-gravity field would be rather complicated, and I wouldn’t be able to explain how it would work if I tried,’ he thought.

“The minute and the half has passed. The gravity should be back on inside the buildings,” Jane said.

“Don’t do it again!” Jennifer stated.

“Don’t worry. I won’t,” Kristen said.

Chip and Anna fell onto the floor near the exit from the Science Block into the quad.

“Right. I need to find Sandi!” Chip said, annoyed.

“Is that such a good idea?” Anna asked.

Chip thought for a moment. “Maybe not, but it is a better idea than investigating science labs with Frankenstein qualities whilst other things are going on.”

“Good point,” Anna conceded.

Quinn, her friends and Ted had recovered from the gravitational restoration.

Stacy looked at her watch “There are 15 minutes to the end of recess.”

“Let’s scour the school for Sandi,” Elias said.

“It may not be Sandi,” Quinn said.

“All the more reason to look,” Elias said.

“Let’s go,” Quinn said.

Elias, Quinn, Stacy, Ted, Tiffany left the area to look for Sandi and Jean.

Inside, the library was a mess. Brittany couldn’t see Kevin or the librarian anywhere. “Kevvy?” she called.

Kevin then threw a table (that he and the librarian had been under) aside, sending books flying. “Here I am, Babe,” he said. Brittany ran to him.

Daria walked up to Jane, Jean, Jennifer and Kristen. “So, where’s Sandi?” she asked.

“Sandi is apparently time-warping past recess. Apparently she didn’t take into account the fact that the emerald wouldn’t be following her,” Jane said.

“Who was responsible for the zero gravity?” she asked.

Jane and Jennifer looked at Kristen.

“Bad idea, much of the school is now a mess,” Daria said.

“Right,” Kristen said, under the pressure of Daria’s glare. “I wish that the mess created by the zero gravity situation would be resolved.”

Jean smiled and granted the wish.

“How am I going to get this cleaned up by next week?” Michaela Daniels said, ignoring Kevin and Brittany’s making out in the mess. Then Kristen’s second wish was granted. The mess started cleaning itself up. Kevin was oblivious to it, but Brittany did notice and broke off from ‘Kevvy’. “Wow!” she said.

“That’s convenient,” Michaela said when the process was complete.

“Ok, that was a bad idea,” Kristen said, handing the emerald to Daria.

“Yeah,” Daria said.

“Yeah, what would you wish for, Amiga?” Jane asked, with a smirk.

“A herd of beautiful wild ponies running free across the plains?” Daria stated. She was then surprised by the wish granting sound. “What?”

“Looks like you have made a wish!” Jane said.

“It was a cynical joke!” Daria said, to Jean.

“Remember, mischievous genie?” Jean said. Then a rumbling sound could be heard.

“Uh, oh,” Daria said.

Ted, Stacy, Quinn, Tiffany and Elias exited the Music/Art/Home Economics Block into the fields behind the school as the mess caused by the zero gravity situation cleaned itself up.

“Wee are loooking heere?” Tiffany asked.

“It seems a good place to start,” Quinn said.

“Hi Quinn.” It was Torii. She was hiding behind the M/A/HE Block after having come down from the roof when recess had begun.

“What are you doing here?” Quinn asked.

“Hiding from Ms Li. I don’t want her to find out about that emerald thing,” Torii said.

“True,” Quinn said.

“We think that Sandi has somehow lost it, and that someone else found it and wished for zero gravity in the school buildings for a short time,” Stacy said.

“So you were in there when that happened?” Torii asked.

“Yes,” Quinn said.

“We are aalsoo loooking for Jeean.”

“I guess so,” Torii said.

“I’m coming too,” Brooke Peters said, from where she was nearby.

“Cool. The more people, the better,” Quinn said. But then they heard a rumbling sound. And then a horse procured by Daria’s wish appeared. They all squealed and hugged each other tightly...

“This is not good!” Ted said.
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