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Re: Rewatching early DS9 knowing that Bashir is genetically enhanced

In "Q-Less" we learn that Bashir mistook a preganglionic fiber for a postganglionic nerve during the oral exam phase of his Starfleet Medical finals.

Obviously any first year medical student would not likely mistake a preganglionic fiber for a postganglionic nerve. So it's likely that Bashir threw the question on purpose so that he would not be valedictorian. Maybe, like any person in that position, he just did it because he was nervous about being valedictorian and wanted to let someone else take the title.

But maybe he threw the question on purpose because he thought the valedictorian title might lead to too much scrutiny. Even the salutatorian title got him the position he wanted out on the frontier.

In fact, maybe he wanted to work out on the frontier because it kept him away from other doctors who might question his brilliance, some think the "simple locals" wouldn't do as much (as stated in "Emissary"). Although some locals did see his brillance, like in "Babel", when Surmak Ren noted his great work.
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