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Re: So I've started watching Supernatural...

Actually I meant when Sam knows there is something wrong with himself, he didn't try and talk about it. Only when he saw another going through the same thing end up being a killer and taking his own life did Sam really open up about it to Dean.

Sam is the more open character out of the two, but neither are what you would call sharing. I mean how long does each brother lie (or admit to tell) the other about deeply personal things that impact their daily life? Happens all the time. In fact, I think there is only one time that either brother ever immediately (with in the span of an episode) talks to the other about something serious (about themselves) that they just learned. It usually is about half a season to more then a season in keeping things to themselves.

And yes I want my Dramas (and its probably why I don't care for the light hearted episodes) to show more realistic behaviors. And frankly there are lots of people over the years that bitch and fight and have drama that stay together. Hell I have know a set of twins that are deeply connected that fight with each other and broad, and harp and they have lived with each other for the last 36 years. Let alone how many people in relationships do it. And in many cultures its common to stay near or with your family for your entire life.
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