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Re: THOR: Grading, Discussion, Review **SPOILERS***


My Grade: A


Thor, for me, has always been what I call a "B-list" superhero, the A-List superheroes mostly being those who we all think of when think of as "superheroes" (Batman, Superman, Spider-man) and, right now, I think we're diving into the "B-List" heroes and have been pretty much since "Iron Man."

Not to degrade Thor any but I've honestly never seen him as that interesting of a hero and not much of a main-stream one. That all being said with that thought in my mind I went in with no expectations, indifferent and looking to be nothing but entertained. I was not disappointed.

Thor is a being who lives on another plane of existence and... well, honestly, I'm not sure what any of that was about. But he's heir to a throne of his plane, he pisses of aliens his people are in a cold-war with and winds up banished to Earth, sans his powers until he learns some humility. His brother, back home, is trying to help the plane's enemies make a run for things, somehow Earth is, sort-of, in the cross fire and... bah.

Honestly it's a mess and half the time I wasn't sure what was being said, what was at stake or why I should care, the care is lessened by Earth not being the focus of what is in danger and the most we see of it is is a nowhere town in Arizona.

In spite of all that it's all somehow interesting to watch and sort of fun, especially when Thor arrives in present day Earth mostly at a loss for how to act like anything but an insane LARPer.

That's probably my biggest complaint on the movie is that we don't get much of grasp of what Thor is capable of on Earth and what his purpose here is the movie's entire threat is on his home realm which, for my tastes, isn't presented in a way that's easy to accept. It's an alien race that mostly looks and behaves like a cross between Ancient Rome and The Grid while also being an alien culture with fantastic technologies.

Effects in the movie is good, the interaction between Thor and Natalie Portman is fun (and she looks good as well) but to me the movie is weak when Thor is in his home element and when the movie occasionally dips there following the threats and action there.

It's a good popcorn movie to waste two hours, probably a treat for Thor fans who understand what all of this is and means and why an audience should care one wit about what's going on in Thor's home realm. Yeah, I didn't understand much of what was happening, didn't care for the home area or how it was depicted, the villains were interesting and Thor was decent fun.

Fun movie, not a whole lot of depth. Not for me, at least.
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