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Re: Django Unchained--Tarintino's new project

Read the (alleged) script - not sure if it's real, but it does feel very right. It starts a bit iffy, but gets very good. I suspect that spaghetti western fans will love it. The other 95% of the audience... I'm not so sure about. If they stick with it past the first half hour or so they should be OK.

Casting-wise, Christophe Waltz should be a good match for King Schultz - actually round about page 52 I started feeling really nostalgic for Lee Van Cleef, it's a good tribute. (Actually, the basic plot owes more to Death Rides A Horse than Django) - as for Django himself, I *can* actually hear Will Smith saying the lines.... but Will Smith of about a decade ago. i think he actually may be a little too old for the role now, as the character's supposed to be in his 20s...

Anyway, I'll bloody love it - it's better than Death Proof, and a bit more epic and less daft than Inglourious Basterds. (both of which I love anyway) - except maybe for the narrator who comes in in the second third, and who's so fucking obviously written to be Morgan Freeman... (the other criticism of I have - aside from the horrific total lack of understanding of apostrophes and how they should work - is that King's explanation of what he does should *really* come after they talk to Marshal Tatum, cos King's last line to him in the first act would be a belter if it came before the job description scene.
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