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Re: THOR: Grading, Discussion, Review **SPOILERS***

Of all of the Marvel characters who have hit the screen thus far (either in productions by Marvel directly or in productions by other studios/distribution companies), Thor is the one with whom I'm the least familiar, but I enjoyed the film almost as much as I enjoy the first two X-Men movies, Spider-Man 2, and DC's Batman films, which says a lot both about my individual tastes as well as about the quality of the film, since it was able to appeal to me in general terms given my lack of familiarity with the characters and concepts associated with it.

People have been questioning whether or not the film made Jane and Thor's relationship move too fast, but that kiss before he goes back to Asgard is clearly mean to be a spontaneous choice/action on the part of both parties involved, and is played as such by both Hemsworth and Portman. It's a step in the evolution of their relationship, not the culmination/defining moment of it, especially given that they are separated from one another (even temporarily) by Thor's actions in stopping Loki's plans.

Edit: I also thought that the Frost Giants' weapon was the Cosmic Cube.
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