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Re: So I've started watching Supernatural...

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Okay do you really watch the show
Yes I did really watch the show. It seemed EVERY episode at least had a few minutes of the famous Dean Brother Angst in it.

It wouldn't have been as much of an issue for me if it were a few times a season, but it was overwhelming. I think there's a significant % of people that would agree with that.

mswood wrote:
Again, do you watch the show. How often do these two really talk about their feelings? It isn't often, not at all. The majority of the time they brush each other off. They have used again humor, women, drinking, physical violence, ect all to avoid having in depth conversations.
As I said, nearly every episode devotes some time towards their conflicted relationship.

mswood wrote:
Also seem to recall this occurring as well multiple times in fact, and thats even with their insane level of codependency
That's valid but then again, how many episodes did Sam/Dean not have an onscreen appearance together? Were there any? I can't remember an extended departure, via screen time.

mswood wrote:
Seriously, you can't see any changes in behavior or attitude from either character towards the other and how it shapes how they interact with each other?
Hmm I guess I was embellishing. I think season 1 feels like definite growth. There's a dramatic change from season 5-6 (that didn't work for me, and I quit watching).

Overall, their constant drama/angst was the #2 reason that turned me off the show. The #1 reason was their roles in the overall plot arc of seasons 3-5. I didn't mind the major background story/plot as much as their specific roles in that plot. And overall (and I do think in some part due to budgetary restraints) it just didn't leave me satisfied.

For all that criticism, I have to basically agree with JWD75. "It's certainly better than 95% of the garbage on TV nowdays." While it wouldn't make any top lists for my preference, I don't watch many tv series (altho I give a fair number a chance).

(Route 666 is not that awful, it's goofy horror at its best, and I preferred the episodic nature of the earlier seasons. Seasons 1 and 2 are great Halloween fodder)
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