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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

The fact that I've been there too made it all too obvious what was happening. Especially the part where you described the sound--and the feel of opening your eyes and seeing nothing. In my case I didn't get all the way to the point of a blackout, but I had my eyes open and all that I saw was grey.

Making matters worse, in my case I was trying to pretend that I was not having a panic attack, and trying to make sure I was still "looking" at the horrible person I was dealing with! NOT easy!

And YAY! More Aladar and Yassel!!!

And that's a remarkable ability Yassel has! Maybe the reason she couldn't develop an eidetic memory was that even as a little girl, that part of her brain was already given over to this other ability of hers.

I think Zamarran, if he's careful, can make her feel more valued than the previous gul (who I am starting to fear abused her badly) ever did.
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