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Re: THOR: Grading, Discussion, Review **SPOILERS***

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Best Marvel movie since Iron Man. And I am genuinely surprised by that. Huge congrats to Kenneth Branagh for taking the hardest to translate into the cinematic universe and really making it work.
I remember when the movie and choice of director were announced you expressed your concern at how hard it was going to be to pull this one off. IIRC, you were worried because Thor was one of your fave Marvel characters and you didn't want to see him badly done. I'm glad the movie didn't disappoint you.
Thor has never actually been one of my favourite Marvel characters...I actually never really read his comics or was all that interested in him. My familiarity is mostly through The Avengers.

What you might be mixing up with what I said was Iron Man was one of my fave Marvel characters, and I didn't see how they could combine the realistic, down to Earth style of Iron Man with the fantastical elements of Thor and make it seem believable. I was relieved when Branagh was hired, as he's definitely a man who could do that, and it showed how serious they were about finding the right director.

I'm astounded at how well and smoothly and comfortably they combined the feel of both Iron Man's "real world" setting and the fantastic elements of Asgard. The two story elements never once seemed out of place with each other.

Really great movie. Can't wait to see it again in 2D, because yeah, I agree, the 3D sucked.
Ah gotcha. And yes, I too thought that the melding of the two aspects of the story was one of the movie's strongest achievements.
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