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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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I'm not sure how important lighting is to the accuracy of your recreation, but all of those coloured lights on the bridge are too much. Are you lighting the set solely from those coloured overhead lights?
From a quick observation (although I'm sure some diehard fan will know for a sure to correct me), it looks like the lighting on the bridge is from regular white spotlights in the center circle part of the roof facing across the opposite side to which they are on. I'm seeing a lot of top down shadows on those outer chairs in your renders. I don't think those coloured lights were strong enough to be casting shadows, and it's washing out some of your detail.
I've got one omni per sconce at .65 multiplier and a single spot in the center of the bridge at .55. And yeah, I am liking the effect less and less. I put 3 omnis around the helm and barely got enough light on it to get it out of shadow. Put the spot in to add a little and it proved way too much even at .55; so, definitely have more tweaking to do in order to get the balance I need.

The real tell on just how much the omnis on the perimeter are doing is shown in the first image in the area around the viewscreen. There are no lighting sconces in that area and it is quite dark compared to the rest of the bridge. Need to find a fix for that as well.
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