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Honestly, I don't understand why Sony took the approach they did for the PS3.
Pushing the BluRay was part of the equation, it was a way for Sony to edge out the inferior HD-DVD format (much like how the PS2 pushed out the DIVX format). By getting it started, they created and expanded their own broader market... and, let's face it, it worked.

(Thanks in no small part to MS half-assing the HD-DVD format and Toshiba wanting high-royalties on each printed HD-DVD disc.)

Sure, it was better than anything else out there when it was launched--but by the time most people could afford it, it had already been eclipsed by commodity PC specs.
The other half of the equation was the XBox's rising success since it was more powerful than the PS2. Both companies really started to push one-another to get thier 'next gen' system out, well before they really needed to.

Keep in mind, though, that the Great Recession of 2009-Current was still a few years off and the new hi-def discs, players, and televisions were the major purchases for that year. At the time, both the X360 and PS3 were sold to the 'phile' market, not so much to the regular gamer. (Which is why the Wii trounced them both for a long time.)

Even so, I don't expect Sony and Microsoft to come out with new consoles for a couple more years yet.
Sony has no plans for an outright new console, but higher specs are possible with the next batch of systems. Microsoft is on record as saying BOTH that a new console is coming soon, and no there isn't...
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