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Re: Red Dwarf series 9 (or is it 10?) in 2012 confirmed by Craig Charl

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the episodes will be a full 30 minutes and broadcast in a 40 minute slot.
Does that mean it's going to have commercial breaks? That'll be weird.

Although that bit about series X being technically correct (since BTE was series 9) is wrong, since in BTE they mentioned that series 9 had already aired, making BTE series 10 and this series 11.
Much as I'd like to see them keep the joke active, in the long run it's just too confusing for things like later syndication and DVD marketing. I'd have been happy to see it called Series IX, with BTE a standalone, but Series X works for me.

Wasn't Series XI supposed to be shot at the same time? I thought Charles had mentioned it.

I'm also curious to see if the complete original cast (including Chloe Annett, who I'm crushing on bigtime after watching Series VII and VIII again, along with her Doctor Who-inspired time travel detective series Crime Traveller) are involved, or if they plan to add some "new blood" as it were.

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