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Re: Kat Dennings: Babe of the week #19 (May 2011)

Thumbs way, way up! She is currently on my "List Of 5 Celebrities Your Allowed To Have Sex With" list. I'll be interested to see the results here because I have seen her come under a lot of flak, and Kat herself has often been very self-deprecating about her looks in the past. Because she is not a "conventional beauty" she gets ragged on a lot(you know the emo chick comments).And of course on the other side there are people who can't get past her chest. And while I admit I did first notice her heavingness in 40 Year Old Virgin I think she is just a stunning young lady who seems really cool in real-life too. I don't know if the nude pictures of her were released on purpose or not, but maybe with pictures like the one below she is starting to be more comfortable seeing herself as a hottie (okay I know this is the second time today I have posted this picture, but you're actually going to complain?).

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