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Re: Three Years Of Starscream: A Celebration

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And yet Kitty and Trekaholic (remember him!?) STILL don't trust you!
Heh. Tell them my secret evil schemes don't kick into high gear until my twentieth trekbbs anniversary.

I'm still watching you, Snappy.
Heh. Yeah, I remember Jethro was concerned that I was too involved in the Q&S/warning fora for a newbie, but, come on, that stuff was really entertaining back in the day. Plus, all my posts were meant to be helpful.

I can understand the confusion over that Announcements thread that I brought back from the dead, though (about our 100th member). At the time, I had no idea about the controversy during the early days of the board's creation, and I really have no idea who edited that first thread post. In theory, it really could have been that guy who will remain nameless (with an e-mail alert notifying him that one of his old threads had gone active), but that's purely speculation. I just know it wasn't me.
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