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Re: Castle: Season 3 (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) - Discussion & Spoi

Being a huge Firefly/Nathan Fillion fan i naturally was informed about Castle but since i'm not a fan of crime shows i gave it a pass.

So when i got bored a week ago i thought why not? At least its got Fillion in it and from what i heard it's quite good.. so a week later i'm at 3.18 and am using every free minute to watch the show.. it's both hilarious and at times engaging.

I'm still not that interested in most crime plots but i love the interaction of the cast and being an awesomely huge shipper i just love the Castle/Beckett relationship.
It's undeniable that they will get together.. i'm thinking somewhere season 4, maybe the season 4 finale if they really want to drag it out (hoping they won't) but they have passed many shipper milestones already.. the first breaking of the ice, letting each other into their private lives and the first "fake" kiss (my did i break out laughing at it.. they really went wild with it) and the big "almost got it out in a crisis situation" scene with the (recent.. at least for me) freezing container. They even have the obstacle partner in it for good measure but it's very clear that Beckett has fallen for Castle but can't admit it yet.

About the only thing really bugging me is the Castle revelations.. the investigation has hit a dead end, Castle does something totally unrelated but suddenly an idea drops into his head he got from whatever he was doing (usually talking to someone). It was used so much this season that it became really noticeable and i'd wish they stop that.. it's ok to occasionally get inspired but every 3rd episode?

Anyway.. awesome show with a great chemistry between the cast. I already have several favorite scenes and i'm looking forward to many more.
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