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The only alternative I can think of is maybe turning your custom vehicle into an entity, which would eliminate all of its block properties.
This is what I meant by 'sprite'.

I'll guess that moving blocks (gravel) are also sprites while they are moving.

chunk update sees that gravel can fall --> delete gravel block -> create gravel sprite -> sprite moves to destination. When sprite arrives at destination --> delete sprite --> create gravel block
I'm honestly not sure how the gravity is done. What I do know is that only sand and gravel are affected by gravity, and gravity is only activated when an adjacent block is modified. I don't think it's necessary to turn those blocks into entities since what gravity does is very limited--the block simply falls straight down, accelerating at the rate of gravity. Minecraft gravity has been found to be inconsistent for blocks vs. entities, and even more inconsistent when you bring inclined minecart tracks into the mix. So, I don't think blocks get turned into entities when they are affected by gravity. I think a simple gravity loop just gets activated for each block that needs to fall.

Not necessarily. The boat-made-of-blocks could be a second instance of the game grid, and the engine renders both game grids ~ superimposed... as long as Notch hasn't defined the game grid using with the dreaded singleton pattern.
I think that would be both memory- and computationally-prohibitive. The game map also appears to be a singleton: moving between the overworld and the Nether requires a map swap, as though you cannot have two maps running at once. Nevertheless, Notch is working on having the Nether in multiplayer, but I suspect this will be done by having separate map threads and just letting players move between them. Throwing another map into the mix (a constantly-updating set of moving block collections) sounds like an awful lot of overhead.
You wish you could move like this.
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