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Re: Constellation class

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Of course is supposition. From the evidence the ship was shaking which is indicative of field fluctuations. The timing of the Tom's statement is questionable because of cut scenes.
It's not questionable at all. One event follows the other: Tuvok says "He's exceeding our maximum velocity" which is FOLLOWED by Tom saying "Warp nine point nine five!"

There's nothing questionable about that at all.

Bingo warp field instability
Which the COMPUTER seems to think is caused by the ship exceeding its maximum possible velocity. In other words, like every other ship in the fleet, Voyager cannot create a stable space warp above warp nine point nine.

The computers said nearing.
Specifically, the computer said "nearing maximum velocity." That is to say, the highest speed at which the engines are physically incapable of exceeding under any circumstances. Evidently, it cannot exceed this speed because any faster would cause them to immediately explode.

Your case is well made but it's still circumstantial and just doesn't come close to nailing the Warp 9.975 as unattainable for the class itself.
I have no doubt that that velocity is attainable. Just that attaining that velocity would result in the entire ship blowing itself to pieces a matter of seconds later. If that is what Starfleet means by "sustainable cruise velocity" then they are clearly lying to SOMEONE.

The writers just don't think of everything, I have to make room for their error aswell. If they were infallible I'd be with on this one.
In this case, the writers simply contradicted themselves by giving technology properties that never manifested when they were supposed to. It's alot like the "can't go to warp in a solar system" thing; they mention it from time to time, but ignore it more often than not.

"They fucked up" is a real-world explanation. The most logical in-universe one is that Starfleet fudged the Intrepid's specs to make the ship look faster than it is. They're not really lying as such, just exaggerating.

I think Voyager was developed for the DMZ and the Cardassian Border. Fast, powerful and agile and with an effective sensor range that could cover 15 lightyears.
I don't think so. By DS9, Starfleet was still using Excelsiors and Mirandas to patrol the DMZ. The more sophisticated and advanced ships in the fleet--the Enterprise-E, the Prometheus, the Steamrunners and Norways and even the Bellerophon--all seem to be clustered around either closer to Earth or within sprint range of the Romulan Neutral Zone. I don't think it can be underestimated how much the old Romulan/Federation Cold War must have rattled Starfleet's brass during TNG.
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