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Re: Fan Film Writer's Primer

Actually, I'm not sure that Star Wars (or Indiana Jones, for that matter) would directly conform to the 3-Act structure, simply because both were directly influenced by the movie serials of the 30s. I think they're set up to have mini cliffhangers every 10 minutes, but the combined 10 minute chunks tell an overall story of the the 2 hours.
I agree, especially in the case of Raiders of the Lost Ark. But I'm new to this, and using Star Wars as an example is helping me to understand the idea, since I'm very familiar with Star Wars, as I'm sure everyone here is. I was also intrigued with how closely Star Wars seems to fit the three act structure overall, despite the variations. I'd be surprised if there were any great work that conforms precisely to any set of pre-established standards.

This would make Randy's observation make even more sense, because each part unto itself might be considered an episode in the serial, each with its own begining, middle and end.
So should Chapters perhaps conform to the three act structure, except as a microcosm?
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