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Re: Constellation class

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No he said "frequent use of high warp over the last few days." Nowhere does he say they maintained high warp factors for any amount of time, let alone days.
I know what he said. I'm the one that quoted him.

Indeed. Which is why Starfleet fudged the word "sustainable" for propaganda value. Everyone in Starfleet probably knows the subtext of that quotation, that the speed is only "sustainable" for about thirty seconds before the ship COMPLETELY EXPLODES from the strain. But outsiders--the Tal Shiar, for example--would have no way of knowing that.

Which may help to explain why Admiral Ross took the Bellerophon to Romulus in "Inter Arma." Clearly there's some diplomatic significance in sending your envoy on what your enemy believes is the fastest starship in the galaxy.
That's certainly one way to look at it.

That's supposition on your part. The only statement of FACT in that case comes from Tuvok:
"He's exceeding our Maximum velocity. Switching to long range sensors," seconds before Tom reports "Warp 9.95."
Of course is supposition. From the evidence the ship was shaking which is indicative of field fluctuations. The timing of the Tom's statement is questionable because of cut scenes.
Later in the same episode:
KIM: They're approaching warp nine point nine.
CHAKOTAY: Increase speed to match.
COMPUTER: Warning. Nearing maximum warp velocity. Structural collapse is imminent.

And warp 9.97, they are 45 seconds from structural collapse; Chakotay has them reduced to warp 9.5.
Bingo warp field instability

So canonically, both Tuvok and Voyager's computer state that MAXIMUM WARP is about 9.9. In the case of neither the shuttle nor Voyager is the warp core named as a reason why they can't maintain or exceed this velocity.
The computers said nearing.
and I never said that the warp core had to be reason why it merely was one of the possibilities thus it doesn't have to be explicitly stated to be true.

See above.
Your case is well made but it's still circumstantial and just doesn't come close to nailing the Warp 9.975 as unattainable for the class itself. The writers just don't think of everything, I have to make room for their error aswell. If they were infallible I'd be with on this one.

Also, in Starfleet's case it's hardly without precedent, especially where the Romulans are concerned. Kirk once lied to his entire crew just to give the Federation plausible deniability during the Enterprise Incident, Admiral Pressman lied to Starfleet to cover up the Phase Cloak device. Ben Sisko TOTALLY lied about not using the Defiant's cloaking device in the Alpha Quadrant, and he out-and-out lied to Vreenak to try and bring the Romulans into the Dominion War (he wasn't as pissed about lying to him as he was about Garrack ASSASSINATING him to make the lie plausible).

I find that whenever Starfleet starts doing things that seem sneaky or duplicitous, it usually has something to do with the Romulans. The presence of the Bellerephon in "Inter Arma" suggests to me that the Intrepid class was probably developed from the outset with Romulans in mind (not unlike, say, the F-22 Raptor, which was originally designed to counteract advanced Soviet fighters).
I'm just the opposite.
I think Voyager was developed for the DMZ and the Cardassian Border. Fast, powerful and agile and with an effective sensor range that could cover 15 lightyears.
But we'll likely never find out for sure on Voyagers true speed or it's primary use.
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