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I've been resting for 2 days. 2 days is the most I have rested in a row in several months, and I'm considering going 3 because I've written a new workout that I'm going to try and it's brutal, I'm going to need to be 100% to even try it. I posted this as a note on FB. Nevermind the motivational intro, I wrote it right after the news broke I'll stick it in quotes...


Today, the men and women of the United States Armed Forces rejoice in the successful completion of a mission objective set down almost 10 years ago; the capture or killing of a war criminal, a tyrant, a deceiver of faithful, a killer of children and seeder of hate.

The achievement of this feat slips far above our lowly brows on the shoulders of the mighty warriors of the west; a new breed of soldier scholars and warrior monks: United States Navy SEALs. In the rarefied air of the SEAL way of life; humps are measured in days, runs are measured in hours, and challenges are measured in terms only the Olympians of Old can fully appreciate. The physical thresholds are daunting; the mental stamina the stuff of hero legends.

In honor of the commitment, fortitude, and precision craftsmanship with which U.S. Navy SEALs conduct their thankless careers of self-sacrifice, I have devised a workout based on SEAL Candidate training, Crossfit, and Kokoro Camp Training. Each phase of this workout is loosely based on the phases of a covert action plan similar to the one conducted 1 May 2011 to the successful assassination of Usama bin Laden.

Standard: 2:00:00 – 2:30:00
Silver: 1:30:00 – 2:00:00
Gold: 1:30:00 or less

First, warm up and stretch. The next 2 hours are going to be the most painful of your life (unless you’re SEALFit).

Complete for time.


Stealth Ingress

1. 100 meter low crawl
Alternative: Tabata (x8) Dumbbell Lunges – 25lbs – 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off

2. Tabata Planks (x8) – 60 seconds on / 30 seconds off

Scaling the Wall

1. Rope Climb Machine – Climb 100 meters at maximum difficulty
Alternative: 100 pullups, underhand

2. Wall Hand Stands – maximum in 2:00

Crossing the Courtyard

1. 400m sprint – 4
2. 1.5 mile timed run

Defeat the Enemy

1. 2 lb Weighted Shadow Boxing – 5:00
Alternative: Cable Punches – 20 lb – 5:00

2. Burpees – 250

Hostile Egress

1. 30 or 36” box jumps – 50
2. Rope Climb Machine – Climb 100 meters at maximum difficulty
Alternative: 100 pullups, overhand


1. 400m sprints – 4
2. Snatch, Grab, Press – 50 lbs – 50 repetitions
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