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Re: Thoughts on Sela and "Reunification"

JoeZhang wrote: View Post
Historically, successful conquest has almost always relied on co-opting indigenous talent to manage their own territory on your behalf.
Sure but you need the Conquest first and/or some sign that you are a winner or will be a winner. 2000 troops with no air or logistic support landing on Vulcan would likely be wiped out in hours. Even if there was some support from people on Vulcan, such elements would have to be fairly stupid to reveal themselves when that was the sort of "backing" that the romulans were providing for them.
Some sort of coup may have been planned, or, well, who knows about Vulcan internal politics? If Spock's World is grandfathered into the novelverse, there was even a sizable secessionist movement characterized by xenophobia a century before Sela's scheme.

(You know I thought this has come up before... some earlier thoughts on this matter plus a bonus red pepper soup recipe from me: )

Deranged Nasat wrote: View Post
Instead of the galactic community seeing an unprovoked invasion of the Federation by Romulans, it puts the Federation in the position of having to prove its own good intentions. They respect the wishes of the member worlds - if the Romulans can demonstrate (or at least seem to demonstrate) that there's widespread popular support for their presence on Vulcan, then they can paint any Federation counterstrike as hypocrisy and self-serving desire to hold onto territory. "See! The Federation claims to be non-imperialistic, yet as soon as we reclaim our ancestral homeland with full cooperation of local interests, they seek to uproot us. So, Tholian and Cardassian ambassadors, I think we can agree that the Federation is showing us its true colours today, yes? Even Ambassador Spock has made an address supporting reunification, but in typical fashion the self-serving and hypocritical Federation interferes to protect its interests. So much for their supposed high moral values".
Oh, I like this.

Certainly the political fallout on Vulcan after this would be well-nigh catastrophic. Way to paralyze one of the key worlds of the Federation, eh! And after Ambassador Spock killed himself in grief at the failure of his efforts, well.
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