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^Would that be the dreadnought that got suddenly overwhelmed by a massive swarm of Geth ships? Yeah, real glass jaw that one.
Where was the main gun they were talking about?

Despite the name, a single dreadnought is not invincible, it can only operate effectivly as part of a larger formation. In that instance they were taken totally by surprise, not remotely ready to defend against a sudden and coordinated attack. With the Turian fleet cut off and wrecked by Sovereign, it's a wonder the Destiny Ascension lasted as long as it did against such a sustained barrage (or not, if you let it blow up.)
I didn't have a problem with it surviving but that is all it did.....

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with being able to spot one ship with terrorist markings plastered all over it or the fact that fleet security *was* greatly increased after the Geth attack.
no it doesn't.
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