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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

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Honestly, just about no one is going to remember "Blood and Fire" for the bloodworm story no matter how much running time that consumed. Interestingly enough, the issues that Gerrold sought to address with that storyline were a great deal more front-and-center when he wrote it in 1986 than they were by the time Phase II shot their version.
True, but fortunately the bloodworm story is more timely today than it was in 1986.
Is it? That's the one that I thought was less obviously pertinent.
Oops. I completely misread your previous post. My apologies. I can't find the "Totally Undo" button.

Back on topic...

Legalese - Whether you pay them or not, should cast and crew be required to sign release forms? Breaking even, much less making a profit on a super-low-budget film is not a likelihood. Still, selling a DVD or access to a digital copy can help to recoup expenses.
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