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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

Obviously, I liked the story better than most of you. At this point, I'll save my comments for my very favorable review of it, and people can disagree. I will reference other reviews on my website (I always try to give links to several) so my fellow fan film newbies will have several opinions to read. Phase II's work is widely reviewed.

I can't be sure why we see this so differently. One possible reason is that I waited until the final version of both parts to watch either part, and then watched them together. Another is that I am not as interested in relationship stories as most people (and maybe even less than most guy-people, says a lot...) and therefore focused my attention on the bloodworms.

A third possible reason we disagree is that y'all are filmmakers and therefore get less caught up in the special effects than innocents like me who are just film WATCHERS. You're thinking, "I'd have made that worm wiggle differently..." and I'm thinking "Ugh! Creepy! Gross ..."
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