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Re: Do you think star trek will still be around 150-200 years from now

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As for question whether Star Trek will still be "in production" in some form... uh, we don't even know what kind of media/entertainment people will have.
There will always be narrative structure entertainment (that's survived for thousands of years so why not thousands more) but we'll also be going towards the holodeck for game-type entertainment, which will sometimes have more of a story structure (provided by the artificial characters) and other times be more action based.

For traditional story-based entertainment, we won't be staring at screens at home or in theaters. We may be walking or riding through environments, or sitting still and letting the environment move past the viewer. These sorts of environments could be used for passive viewing of pre-written stories (people don't always want to make the effort to help generate the story or action) and could be switched to game-based entertainment as well, with various levels of tradeoff between passive and active audience interaction.

Star Trek lends itself well to all these formats, which increases its likelihood of survival. Star Wars will survive as well. Cop and doctor shows will survive because they can become more interactive - viewers can take on the roles, not just view them. So we'll be stuck with CSI for all eternity. I'm not quite so sure that lawyer shows lend themselves to audience participation, since they are more cerebral and involve less of a physical component.

if you can change the scenario in a detective show to make yourself the detective, why can't you change the scenario in a courtroom drama to make yourself the lawyer?

I'd imagine there are some folks who'd enjoy role-playing arguing in front of a jury.
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