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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

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You continue to discuss the episode as if the story was about the Peter-Alex relationship. It was about the blood worms, (Doomsday biogenic weapons) and the issues about the blood worms, and the relationship was supposed to merely be a consequence of the main plot, as was the Klingon intervention which complicated it.
You could argue that was the intent, however the way the episode is constructed, the bloodworms are just a second background to the story of Peter Kirk. The Klingon sequences seem to be just padding to get the episode to be a two-parter.

DS9Sega wrote: View Post
Ideally the show was about the bloodworms, but the choice was made to put the Peter-Alex relationship up's so up front that the biggest scene about it (which is longer than most TOS teasers) comes before the real story actually starts. The relationship is then milked for melodrama.
Yep. The whole premise seems to set up the Peter-Alex relationship. In fact, you know Alex is going to die from the outset and that that is what this story is going to be about.

Dennis wrote: View Post
Honestly, just about no one is going to remember "Blood and Fire" for the bloodworm story no matter how much running time that consumed.
Quite so. I don't see much of a discussion of the bloodworms or the Klingons watching TV. It's all about Alex and Peter.

Dennis wrote: View Post
Interestingly enough, the issues that Gerrold sought to address with that storyline were a great deal more front-and-center when he wrote it in 1986 than they were by the time Phase II shot their version.
Timing is everything. You strike when the iron is hot, so to speak. Nearly 15 years later, it's old hat.
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