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Re: Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock Review Thread

Sorry I haven't answered before now -- I'm at a hotel in Seattle and their wi-fi wasn't working.

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I keep getting lost on where 'we' are in the timeline between the current story and flashbacks. Every section heading starting with a different planet/society's date format isn't helping because you don't know how far away one is relative to another. The uptime/downtime stardates are the master key, I guess.
That and the chronology cues I tried to insert in the actual text about how long it had been since certain episodes/films or previous events in the book.

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It's a little disjointed at times and sometimes feels like a collection of short stories or a scientific paper on the nature of time. The book picks up mid-way, though, and you start to see how all the stories fit together into the larger whole. It's not the easiest Trek book I've ever read, but it's a satisfying science fiction story that manages to create a coherent background for time travel in the trek universe.
Thanks! Actually my initial goal was to have several parallel plots that were pretty much independent of each other, to show the whole range of responsibilities of the DTI. My model was procedural TV shows, so I was thinking in terms of A and B and C plots. I was also influenced by Articles of the Federation and its episodic structure. The plotlines just ended up aligning more with one another than I anticipated.
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