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Re: Once More, With Feeling: my big Buffy/Angel canon rewatch/reread/r

Yay, finally a comment!

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SPOILERS Buffy season 8
I would rate WTTH and The Harvest a lot higher personally, Buffy season 1 starts and finishes strong but with some quite weak eps in between.
As for the love triangle well, Xander and Will smooch and if we're to believe the comics
Well, 3.5 still means it's an above average episode, so I don't think I was that harsh on WTTH... The two-parter is a good start to the show, but early episodes suffer from some cheesy music, acting and production values, which is more obvious in The Harvest. And I really didn't like the ending of The Harvest, they were trying to be too upbeat and it didn't fit the story, Xander had just lost one of his best friends and, what's worse, it never gets referenced again.

Bander was practically absent from the show in seasons 3-7,

Like I said, the Willow/Xander story was a total subversion of the John Hughes cliche. When he finally does get interested in her - while she's in love with another guy - and they do hook up, it doesn't make them look good since they're cheating on Oz and Cordy, it ends up making Cordy (the classic 'Veronica' character) the victim, and in the end Willow chooses Oz over Xander. And instead of the 'he finally realizes she was the right girl for him all along', it turns out they really aren't good for each other as a couple.

And then later she finds out she's really into girls.
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my Buffy/Angel rewatch
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