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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Commander Jack Lashmore, CO
Lieutenant Commander Torrna Maliya, XO
Fleet: Independent


Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Chief Counselor
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

- SMS 2 client

- 7 active crew



Hello everybody. As Commander Lashmore announced earlier, the Command Staff will be compiling months reports on the sim's progress. The reports will include:

- news
- a synopsis of what's been happening so far on the ship
- a selection of best quotes of the month, a fun little bit to remind us of what a great collection of writers we have

So, news for April

We have finished the month with an absolutely fantastic score for a beginning sim.

68 posts in April! 69 posts brought to us by our then 7 crew members. A fantastic score, and let's see if we can do just as well or if not better in May!

In other news, we have a new crew member aboard, Ensign Sylvi Vesala, played by our very own Gerard (you also know him as Lt.JG. Joshua Valentine, Chief Flyboy/Don Jesus). Gerard is now fully in charge of our Flight Control Department.


Things start off in the manner that would depict and dictate further events on the Ulysses. Unusual...

Jack Lashmore, after months of idle task work and minor teaching lessons at the Academy is thrown the biggest curve ball of his life, a command of his own, something, considering his history, he never thought to have. Trying to clear his head that evening, he goes to pick up his date at the Special Diagnosis Unit of Starfleet Medical.

However, before managing to whisk his date away to dinner, or other encounter he had panned, the first unusual encounter takes place. Jack meets Torrna Maliya again, who is now working as part of the Special Diagnosis Team with Dr. Gordon House, and Jack and her hadn't seen each other for over half a year, since the USS Roanoke.

Tensions flare from Torrna and it's clear she is still angry with Jack for certain events in the past. Jack manages to talk her down, and make her the offer of a life time, to be his Executive Officer. After more talking, griping and general cautiousness, Maliya begrudgingly finally accepts, thus sealing her fate.

The two, in a more relaxed environment now, go to inspect their ship which is undergoing refit in the Utopia Planitia Shipyards. Unbeknownst to the two of them, they are about to be reunited with another person from their past on the Roanoke.

Whilst on their way to the Bridge, Torrna and Lashmore encounter the young woman would later come to be known as 'Blue girl', one Miranda Smart, an engineer who's been working on the refit. Impressed by the girl's attitude and demeanour, the new Command team offers Smart the position of Chief Engineer which she readily accepts.

Delan Hypori is in charge of the refits on the USS Ulysses and present on the Bridge when Lashmore and Torrna come up. Initially the reunion is tense and awkward for all three of them, and after sorting out some misunderstandings, Hypori submits his application for the position of Chief of Security/Tactical which Lashmore takes into consideration.

Things soon take off from this point on, Torrna moves into her new quarters with her pet cat Fayla. The first few day is filled with many meetings and what would later be known as 'War on Paperwork'. Maliya meets with the new pilot, Joshua Valentine, who is her first official meeting as Executive Officer. The meeting goes relatively well. Later in the day, both Jack and Maliya meet with yet another blast from the past (the USS Roanoke), Daniel Gibbs, and both get offered samples from Miri Smart's personal wine collection.

Crew interactions begin almost immediately, the tensions and connections immediately present. Miri Smart and Josh Valentine meet up in the shuttlebay and agree on a date almost immediately. Fun ensues on the date in a mix of a singing Viking mead hall and a dirt bike race. On the other side, Jack wakes up Maliya in the middle of the night and drags her off to the War Room where he had set up so they can work on paperwork faster. As they work and talk, it's revealed that there are still tensions between them which are pretty much left unresolved as work takes precedence.

With new marching orders, the crew manages to prepare everything for departure by 18:00 on Day 2. Torrna meets with Hypori, who is somewhat apprehensive initially, and discusses a task Hypori would undertake. Unusual continues as the new Chief Medical Officer arrives aboard at the last minute and nearly gets lost in the Transporter Pattern Buffer, but is saved by the timely arrival and expert skills of Miri Smart.

At 18:00 everything is ready and with crossed fingers, a lot of touching wood and a display of faith and skill, the USS Ulysses departs the Utopia Planitia docks under own power and goes to warp after clearing the Oort cloud. First stop, DS9 where they would pick any additional crew and supplies they need before proceeding to their planned staging area.

20:00, Day 2 - First Senior Staff meeting of the USS Ulysses. After some initial misgivings, Jack and Maliya are ready for their Department Heads. The ship is fully operational and ready for full service. The Ulysses mission will be as much that of exploration as it will be a role of a mediator, protector and scout in the area of space long thought unimportant and near forgotten since the last Starfleet presence there during the Dominion War.

After dismissing their crew, Jack gets an unexpected call from the parents of Miranda Smart, who request permission to come aboard and visit their daughter. Naturally, this wouldn't be the Ulysses if misunderstandings and unusual things didn't happen. In other words, Smart's parents get the wrong end of the communiqué as to the relationship between Jack and Miri, due to Jack's non-standard attitude.

That was April, May will certainly prove to be interesting as things unravel and more quirky, fun things are revealed in store for this unusual crew.

Stay tuned folks!


"I'm Doctor, not a pilot, Jack." - Torrna - all Doctor's are infected with the 'I'm a Doctor, not a ....' disease

"Go get your head examined, Jack. You're delusional." she snapped and stood up suddenly, taking some distance from him. - Torrna's response to Lashmore asking her to be his Executive Officer

Jack smirked, "I like weird girls, so I'll keep it simple; you disappoint us, we shave your hair. Chief Engineer." - Jack Lashmore making a deal with Miranda Smart

"Mrrrff..." - so sayeth Fayla the cat.

"I might not be the best pilot in Starfleet, but I'm the best one on this ship." - Joshua Valentine, our resident Hotshot Flyboy

Maliya took another sip, "I expect truth from you Smart, at all times. Even if you screw up so badly we're going to die, I want the truth. It's the only way we can figure out a way out of the mess...if we know the truth. No sugar-coating no nice way of saying it, just out with it." - Torrna reinforces the importance of truth to Smart

"You'll usually find Department Head's report in, before they get drunk." Jack spoke up from a table in the far corner, his new friends, a pile of PADD's were there with him.

"Oh, and your the perfect example of this?" Dan asked turning around and facing Jack. It had been a long time since he had seen him last.

"I am now, and that's an order." Jack quipped back.

A change of relationship and authority for Lashmore and Gibbs

Two hours...two hours before the rest of his life. There's still time to run away... Jack stared to his left but realised there was no window to stare out of in the War Room, it was enclosed and heavily reinforced. Two hours....two hours... - Jack's misgivings before the first Senior Staff meeting

Jack shrugged, "prefer shuttles myself. Anyway, I suppose now is the time to fill you all in on the Ulysses' objectives." - Lashmore and his unusual ways.

"2nd bar to the right, and drink on 'til morning." - Me
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