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Re: THOR: Grading, Discussion, Review **SPOILERS***

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So there seems to be a
reference in the movie. Anyone catch it? Also the
is supposed to be in the film too.

I wasn't going to bother with Thor, but now I think I must. Is the movie I really want to see right around the corner?

And not that I've been following things too closely but is the idea for Marvel to develop their various characters (that they have movie rights to anyway) and throw them into movies in the future?

Because Thor and the person in your spoilers would be very interesting...I can't recall any comics crossovers between those two.
I haven't read their spoilers but that is what Avengers is about. Combining Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America(the headliners) into one film. Along with the supporting characters of Nick Fury, Black Widow(ScarJo) and Hawkeye.
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