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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

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The Silmarillion is like the Old Testament. It's full of geneologies, who begat who, creation myths, many different characters with their own long tales, many locations, and it takes place over thousands of years. It really is several dozen books within a single book.
Thanks for the "I read the back cover and wrote an Amazon review". Someone mentioned "Detached Folklore", talk about a detached review. I'm just going to go ahead and assume everyone who thinks this way read about 5 pages into the Valaquenta and gave up.
I was simply trying to exemplify the fact that the Silmarillion is quite different from the Lord of the Rings in terms of scope. LOTR is more linear in that it focuses on one primary set of characters with a single overarching goal (destroying the ring).
The Silmarillion also has primary characters with a main goal (recovering the silmarils) but there are many more secondary characters and side quests that are covered in as much depth as the main ones.

Also, I know you were being sarcastic (and borderline trolling) but I have read the Silmarillion in its entirety and loved all of it. I have never written a review for it on Amazon.


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I swear to God, the fact that some of you will pay money to watch the goddamn Hobbit and sit here and denigrate the filmability of what would fifty times more worthy of screen time and call yourself a Tolkien fan is a sacrilege on the order of jerking off into the pope hat by fantasizing about a dismembered baby Jesus. It makes me want to bolt you to a chair, staple your eyes open and force you to read the damn thing because I'm betting half of you are a bunch of fucking liars. You always get this with Tolkien, posers who cracked the book, got bored and slam it to distract from their infantile attention spans.
This is completely uncalled for and really is trolling. Some posters pointed out what they thought would be problems with adapting the Silmarillion to the big screen. They weren't bashing the material itself. I bet all of us fans would love to see the Silmarillion in the movies or on TV some day, but right now the Hobbit is the story that has been green-lighted.

Yet, you accuse them of not being fans and for not reading the books. How do you know what someone has or hasn't read? I'm going to go out on a limb and say most people responding to this thread are Tolkein fans and have read the books.

We're all fans and the Hobbit is just as worthy of film as the Silmarillion. No need for anger.
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