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Eurovision Song Contest 2011 (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Yes, it is soon that time of the year again...Eurovision!

Because Germany won last year, they contest will be naturally held in Dussedorf, Germany on 10th( first semi), 12th(second semi) and 14th of May( the grande finale)

We will certainly see a big show from the Germans!

Here the playlits to all the songs of this years competition, from the official ESC youtube channel:

1st Semi-Final:

2nd Semi-Final:

Songs already in the Final:

This years overall quality is around 3/5, though there is some nice gems of 5/5 there also..and like every year some really horrible stinkers

My personal favorites are: Norway, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Slovenia..and few others.
(Belarus is "guilty pleasure" to many)
If it would be up to me Hungary would win the whole contest this year, it is the best song, IMHO:

I have a feeling that this year there will more tighter competition of the winner. Most likely 3-5 songs will have a big fight of who will be the ultimate winner.
Though its difficult to predict how the juries and the general public will vote

Listen the songs
What is your personal Top 5?
Who will get to the final..and who does not?
Who do you think will win?
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