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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

This thread is seriously being derailed. Amy Adams is clearly a well established, good actress who could easily pull IFC Lois Lane. She has the look and the acting chops. Just because she is older means nothing, plenty of actors/ actresses have played younger characters. I point you to Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace who played teenagers in their twenties. I know, bad example, but still. I think of Madona when I hear old hag. Keven Costner is an Oscar winner and a paerfect choice for a mid-west farmer in his mid to late fifties. Regardless of his shitty movies, I think he's an excellent choice. To say someone must be an American to play Supes is rediculous, as long as you are a great actor it shouldnt matter. Look at Cristian Bale who played Bruce Wayne, Patrick Bateman, and John Connor. Johnny Depp who played Jack Sparrow, Cristopher Plumver played a Russian, Damniel Day Lewis who played a New Yirk gangster amongst other American characters. This is just a few examples. There is no logic to any of these arguments. Let's argue about the costume when it is revealed, but the casting is solid. I say this as a hard core Superman fan who came into this movie as a sceptic.
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