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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 2: part 5

Stacy slowly edged along the corridor, and ducked into an adjacent corridor when she saw Torii turn a corner into the corridor. ‘Ok, there’s the Popularity Meter Girl, but where’s the Goth Chick,’ she thought. She followed Torii quietly.

Andrea reached the principal’s office first.

“Take a seat, Ms. Hecuba,” Ms. Li said.

Andrea crossed her arms and stared at the Principal in defiance.

“You will take a seat. Your actions this morning quite possibly have tarnished the good name of Lawndale High,” Ms Li, putting more reverence into the pronunciation of the school’s name than usual.

“Why do you have to do that?” Andrea asked, referring to Ms. Li’s pronunciation.

“It shows school spirit! Now sit down, before Ms. Jericho arrives,” Ms Li said.

Andrea reluctantly took a seat. “Now, Ms. Hecuba, why did you attack Ms. Jericho?”

Andrea remained silent.

“I need an answer, Ms. Hecuba,” Ms. Li said, whilst staring Andrea in the eyes. Andrea stared back for a few seconds before responding.

“The Fifth,” she said. Telling the Principal the truth would be a very bad idea. ‘I have no idea of what would happen if she gets a hold of that emerald!’ she thought.

“You are not getting away that easily, Ms. Hecuba,” the Principal said. She placed a thick folder on the desk. “This is your permanent record. Do you want me to go through it?”

Andrea just sat back and glared at the Principal, as if saying ‘bring it on.’

“Fine, I will read your misdemeanours to you in front of Ms. Jericho.”

Andrea raised an eyebrow. ‘She has to be bluffing. There is no legal way she can do that!’ she thought.

“And I’ll read hers to her in front of you,” Ms. Li continued.

‘Still would be a bluff. But if it is not a bluff, it is the price to pay for her not knowing about the genie,’ Andrea thought.

Torii then entered the office. “What is this about, Ms. Li?” she asked.

“You and Ms. Hecuba were involved in an altercation shortly before Homeroom. Why were you fighting?” The principal asked.

Stacy tip-toed up to the office door and then began to peek through the keyhole.

“You can’t do that. Permanent records are meant to be private!” Torii said.

“What is discussed here now, will not leave this room,” Ms. Li said.

Torii looked at Andrea. “I will not say anything if you won’t,” she said, whilst winking one eye after the other.

Andrea got the message “Deal,” she said.

“Ms Jericho, I have never known you to pass up such an opportunity for gossip. You must be hiding something!” Ms. Li said.

“I’m not hiding anything!” Torii said.

“Neither am I,” Andrea added.

“It is clear that you are hiding something. I’m hooking you up to the polygraph machine!” Ms. Li said.

“Oh no!” Stacy said, as she heard Ms. Li’s threat to the other teens.

5 minutes later, Ms. Li had hooked Andrea up to the polygraph machine that she had spent school funds on (shortly before the previous year’s collapse of the library roof).

“Now, why were you fighting with Ms Jericho before Homeroom?”

“Like, I need a reason to fight!” Andrea said, her voice deadpan and reminding Ms. Li of someone else.

‘I see she has been observing Ms. Morgendorffer in class,’ Ms. Li thought as the polygraph needle continued to plot a straight line.

“Was there a particular reason why you were fighting this morning?”

“No!” Andrea said.

The polygraph needle went haywire.

‘Yes!’ “Ah-ha! We are getting somewhere! Does the reason have anything to do with an earlier confrontation between Ms. Jericho and Ms. Griffin?”


The polygraph needle, again went haywire...

Some thought’s connected in Ms. Li’s brain. “Does it have anything to do with those crazy rumours from yesterday?” the principal asked.

“No!” Andrea said.

The polygraph needle once more went haywire. But Ms. Li was not paying any attention to it because Stacy had chosen that moment to burst into the office.

“Ms. Rowe! What is the meaning of this?” Ms. Li asked. ‘This had better be important!’ she thought.

Stacy was panting, and her hysterical nature was in full control. “There are vampires! In the Science Block! They are coming down from the new floor!” she said.

“Vampires? Really, Ms Rowe, you must be watching too much of that Buffy show! There are no such things as vampires!”

“But they have fangs and everything!” Stacy shouted.

“Then lead me to them,” Ms. Li said, sensing something fishy.

“Oh no! I am not going back there!” Stacy said. She then appeared to faint.

“I guess I will have to check it for myself! Ms. Hecuba, stay where you are. Ms. Jericho, look after Ms. Rowe!” the principal said. ‘I am sure that they will be here when I get back,’ she thought as she quickly exited the office.

After the Principal was gone Andrea disconnected herself from the polygraph machine with disgust.

Torii shook Stacy. “Are you ok, Stacy?” she asked.

Stacy sat up. “I didn’t think that would work!” she said.

“You mean that there aren’t vampires in the Science Block?” Andrea asked.

“No, I doubt Sandi would wish for any, or that Jean would create any without someone wishing for them,” Stacy said.

“Lawndale is stuffed up enough as it is without a Hellmouth to make it worse,” Andrea said.

“Of course you would have to watch that show too, Hecuba,” Torii said. ‘But not really surprising,’ she thought.

“Better than watching any of the other crap on TV,” Andrea mumbled. Torii decided not to reply to that.

“We had better get scarce before Ms Li get’s back,” Andrea said.

“Oh yeah! I better get back to class,” Stacy said. She quickly left the principal’s office.

“I will be in the Library,” Andrea said, as she too, left.

“I’ll go onto the roof,’ Torii thought.

Ms. Li entered the Science Block from the quad. “Seems oddly quiet,” she said. She quickly went to the stairs and went up to the second level. It was also quiet. She walked to the next stairs, those that now lead up to the third level, rather than the roof.

Stacy returned to the classroom.
“You took your time, Stacy,” Sandi said, when Stacy had given the hall pass back to the teacher, and was approaching her seat.

“Sometimes, it takes a lot of time!” Stacy said.

“Stacy, Eeewww!” Tiffany said.

“Sorry!” Stacy said, as apology.

‘She must have been up to something!’ Sandi thought. ‘But what?’

Andrea entered the library, from the second level footbridge that lead from above the cafeteria. ‘The Principal won’t think to look for me here!’ she thought. She then went to the fiction section.

Torii emerged onto the roof, above the office/cafeteria/hall block. ‘I will stay up here until recess. But what will I do for that amount of time?” she pondered. She walked over behind the water tank shack.

Ms. Li emerged from the stairwell into the corridor in the new floor of the science block. It felt ‘off’ but there was a distinct lack of vampires.
“Ms. Rowe! You will answer for this!” she said as she turned around. ‘Maybe she thought that there were vampires, but that is no excuse!’ she thought.

Ms. Li arrived back at the office to find it empty. “Great, where have they gone now? I hope they are in class! There is definitely something going on here!”

“Ms. Haley-Andrea Hecuba, Ms. Victoria Jericho and Ms. Anastasia Rowe, report to the principal’s office!”

“Oh no!” Stacy said.

“Like, what were you up to earlier?” Sandi asked.

“You don’t want Ms. Li finding out about Jean, do you?” Stacy asked.

“Of course not!” Sandi said.

“Well, Andrea and Torii were called to the office about a fight, that involved you, this morning,” Stacy said.

“Oh!” Sandi said.

“Yeah, Quinn, Tiffany, a few others and I put together a plan to distract her if events went out of control,” Stacy said.

“I can believe that,” Sandi said.

“I got curious about Torii and Andrea being called to the office at the same time. Our plan would have been for naught if Ms. Li found out from either of them,” Stacy said.

“Ok, Stacy,” Tiffany said.

“Aren’t you, like, going to the Office, Stacy?”Sandi asked.

“Mr. Crown hasn’t taken any notice,” Stacy said.

“No, but Ms. Li may come here!” Sandi said.

“Oh no!” Stacy said, distressed.

“You can ma-ake a wish Sand-di,” Tiffany said, not so oblivious for a change.

“Good point,” Sandi said. She grabbed the emerald. “I wish that Ms Li will, like, forget about Stacy, Torii, that Goth Chick and myself.”

There was an absence of the wish granting sound.

“Jean!?” Sandi said.

The genie looked Sandi in the eyes. “I cannot remove information from a human brain, Sandi. You will have to wish something else,” she said.

“Like what?” Sandi asked, glaring back (a glare that would have elicited an ‘Eep!’ if it had been directed at Stacy).

“That she would get lost whilst attempting to find Stacy, Torii or Andrea,” Jean suggested.

“That she would fa-all asleep,” Tiffany said.

“Or that the spy equipment in her office would fail,” Stacy said.

Sandi thought for a few moments. “Ok, I wish that all those things would happen.”

“You have to say what you want to happen, Sandi,” Jean said.

“Fine. I, Sandi Griffin, wish that that, first: Principal Angela Li would, like, fall asleep. Second: That all the equipment in the Lawndale High School Principal’s Office would, like, fail. And Third: That said Principal would, like, get lost whilst attempting to search for Stacy Rowe, Torii Jericho and/or Andrea Hecuba.”

The wish granting sound was heard.

Ms Li was waiting for the 3 miscreants (Andrea, Torii and Stacy) when knockout gas appeared in the office. “What!” she said, as she lost consciousness. At the same time all the equipment in the office failed. (Wires broke, the light bulbs blew, the computer’s Windows produced a Blue Screen of Death, and the hard drive gave up the ghost, the security screens shorted out, the circuit breaker covering the office tripped, etc.)

“Wish granted,” Jean said.

“Good,” Sandi said, she then went back to her work.

Daria and Quinn approached the principal’s office. They had heard Stacy being called to the office and had left their respective classes. They had met outside the Cafeteria.

“Quinn, wait. You don’t want her to see you,” Daria said.

“Good idea, Daria,” Quinn said.

They cautiously approached the office. As they approached the office they smelt something.

“Eeewww! What’s that?”

“Knockout gas,” Daria said, covering her nose.

“How would you know?” Quinn asked, backing off from the door.

“Research for Melody Powers,” Daria said as she followed her sister.

“Okay...” Quinn said, recognising the name as a creation of Daria’s for her writing.

“Someone must have wished for that. It is not likely that Ms. Li would just play around with that stuff,” Daria said.

“I guess. But who?” Quinn asked.

“No idea, at least no immediate idea,” Daria said, after some thought. There were many students in the school that she thought would want to knock out the Principal, Sandi was only one of them, but it wouldn’t make sense to blame any person without any more proof.

“What do we do now?” Quinn asked.

“Go back to class. Ms. Li will wake up in a few hours, rather groggy, but mostly ok,” Daria said. She was sure that the principal wouldn’t be adversely affected in the immediate future.

“Ok,” Quinn said. They both went back to class.

At the beginning of Recess, Sandi ran out of the music classroom into the quad.

‘Everyone is after me and the emerald!’ she thought. She grabbed the emerald and said; “I wish that I will time-warp forwards to the end of recess.”

Sandi disappeared forwards 25 minutes, but the emerald didn’t! It fell to the ground.
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