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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

I was mostly sighing because it was unrealized love. (I think Janeway made the right call, though, much as it pains me. If they had broken up, HOLY COW would things have gotten messy.)

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But other than the touchy feely Janeway in season 5's "The Fight"... and the hand holding scene in season 6's "Unimatrix Zero" part 1... we don't really get to see any progress in their relationship. Heck, we don't get to see much progress in their friendship.
Countless nightly dinners aside, I submit both "Workforce" and "Shattered" as pretty darn good examples of their friendship in the later part of the show. When Chakotay wanted to undo the brainwashing and was undercover, he went straight to Kathryn to try and get her help. The scene where he was wounded and she was helping him out in the dark apartment is awesome (and often overlooked, IMO!) And when Chakotay became unstuck in time, he again looked for Kathryn to help sort things out. The fact that she was a Kathryn from seven years prior didn't faze him a bit. He knew he could trust her.

She tried to throw him in the brig and he just stubbornly turned right back around and found her a second time!
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