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Re: Analyzing Movies' Three-Act Structures

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That's a common misperception. There's a lot of structure in most successful artistic endeavors. And, as the saying goes, you have to understand the rules in order to break them. I think it's safe to assume most fan filmmakers are enthusiasts and not studdnts of film and film production. There's a fairly steep learning curve.
Where did I say anything about breaking them?
In just about any endeavor the usual learning curve is learn the rules, learn to apply the rules, then learn to creatively break them. What happens in a lot of cases is that the amateur dives in head first and ends up learning the rules the hard way, but only after much wasted time and effort. The "rules' of good TV or movie production were not handed down like the Ten Commandments, but they did start to evolve (boy talk about mixing metaphors) at about the time D.W. Griffith and George Melieres (sp?) started shooting. Knowing as many of those rules as possible before you go in will save you huge amounts of time and give you a much better chance of ending up with a watchable project. Things like shooting across the line and simple continuity errors will jump out like a sore thumb, even if the viewer can't really articulate what the problem is. If your project is just you and a few friends, go for it! It's fun, it'll keep you out of trouble and you'll learn a lot. However, the chances that you'll have a product that someone besides family and friends will enjoy aren't that great. Once you really understand the rules you'll find that they're not really so much "rules" as training wheels!

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