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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos


Ah yes, she chose not to pursue them, and we as the audience are left to assume that like all Ships captains, she's doing the noble thing... being true to her ship and not to herself.

But unlike any other starship Captain, she was placed in a position she "most likely" would never get out of without divine intervention. Traveling 75,000 light years usually means 70 years... which means she's either dead long before her ship get home or they are ALL dead long before her ship gets home.

Now, even Picard wasn't "totally faithful" to his ship in the years he captained the Enterprise... and he wasn't under the stresses Janeway was under during her tenure.

So one would assume that she would naturally rethink her early decision to not "pair off" (Elogium) as the years went by. We even get the hint in season 4's "Hunters" that she WAS starting to reconsider that decision...

JANEWAY: It's all right. You can say it. On top of all that, I got a Dear John letter. It wasn't really a surprise. I guess I didn't really expect him to wait for me considering the circumstances. It made me realize that I was using him as a safety net, you know, as a way to avoid becoming involved with someone else.

And then in season 5 we starting seeing those intimate dinners in her quarters with her XO, the first one was the most memorable...

JANEWAY: Long enough, we've waited long enough. I know it's a risk, probably our biggest one yet but I'm willing to take it. Are you with me?

But other than the touchy feely Janeway in season 5's "The Fight"... and the hand holding scene in season 6's "Unimatrix Zero" part 1... we don't really get to see any progress in their relationship. Heck, we don't get to see much progress in their friendship.

Yes, it was a conscious decision on the part of the actress to stop "that" in the writer's room, but I still just shake my head at it. Was it just distrust of what a Trek writer would have her do?

Admiral Janeway... the original one, was wounded by the choices she made. She tried to change time to save Chakotay, and Seven, and Tuvok and 22 others... but there was someone else she SHOULD have saved... and I DON'T MEAN Joe Carey!

She never realized that in all her planning, all her temporal machinations...she never considered trying to save "herself".

Oh well.

That's why I write/read fan fic.
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