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Re: Do you think star trek will still be around 150-200 years from now

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^ Not Mr Roddenberry, I'm thinking.
Ah but I'm sure if the religion contained prophecy that foreshadowed that all our Gods were really just huge computers he would be fine about it. Arguing about what the prophecy means (I'm sure there is a good line in TOS somewhere we can use) can branch us into different theological streams.

Trek can't be a religion. For a start, its canon is way too consistent. There's also the whole thing about it being humanistic.
Lots of stuff starts out humanistic and then with time becomes overblown myth. Time is what we have here, "150-200 years" and I think if we start NOW we have a great chance of being a religion in the future. Actually this already happened in Futurama which clearly prophesies what Trek will become.

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